It all began with what I thought was a daybed duvet that I found at Goodwill. When looking at the linens, I try to focus on a couple of things. White – lace – flowered.
I spotted what was labeled a daybed duvet with pillow shams.

When I got home, I discovered the ‘duvet’ was actually two bed skirts – one full size and the other daybed size. Well…I thought to
Myself – not a total loss – I have used bed skirts as tablecloths before
So, I wondered how these two would look – layered.

First I put the slip covered tablecloth I made. I really love using this as an under-layer to several of my tablecloths. Then I added the full-size – fits perfectly. The daybed size was next and was a little long.
Not a problem I fitted the edges of the table and gathered in the middle folding over and placing a cut-work lace runner sideways on the table.
Then I decided to continue the layering – all in creamy shades of white.
I began with two sets of plates that I found at Goodwill – at different times.

I topped the four plates with teacups and saucers – more Goodwill finds!
Next I placed the silver stacked server in the middle and placed some
of my creamy white paper roses on each plate.

I decided to put a single paper rose in each of the teacups as well.
Then  I placed stacked bowls next to the place setting.

At opposite corners I placed a silver tea or coffee set and 
a breakfast set - toast, jam and syrup servers.

Next in the other corners I stacked bowls, teacups and platters - 
continuing the layered theme. 

I even layered the napkins. 

Creamy white pitchers grouped together added to the layered theme too.

Without really realizing it, I had created a bed (skirt) and breakfast
themed tablescape. How fun is that! Care to cozy up to some delicious 
breakfast with me? Coffee or Tea?